Kudrin made the growth of the economy without painful reforms

Kudrin admitted that the government delayed the reform, however, in his opinion, there is a possibility to organise them in such a sequence that “even now, despite the fact that we are lagging behind, so we can implement reforms, a sequence to elect, which would come on the track of growth without serious problems, including social, without rejection of such reforms.”

“But even so, that you can do painlessly that there is – we do also tighten”, – quotes the ex-Minister, the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

According to Kudrin, if the price of oil at $43 per barrel decline in the Russian economy in 2016 may reach 1%.

Ex-Finance Minister also did not rule out that the development of the Center for strategic research will be used in the election campaign in 2018, but, according to him, it will depend on “who will go to the polls”. “If the President says that he is interested in approaches to strategy after 2018, it seems, he is interested in, and some approaches can be used. I allow it”, – said Kudrin.

He suggested that in the strategy of development after 2018, which will prepare TSSR, a proposal will be made to raise the retirement age. According to him, this will be done in the interests of pensioners and people who are already retired will not be affected. In addition, without raising the retirement age will be impossible to mobilize resources for increasing pension payments, he said. “I am confident that as understanding of this problem we will have a wide support especially from the seniors,” said former Finance Minister.

On Tuesday, April 26, Alexei Kudrin was elected Chairman of the Board. He explained his joining of the Fund by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “He approached me with a request to connect to the development of the strategy of development of Russia after 2018,” – said Kudrin.

That Kudrin claims to the presidency of the Center for strategic research, wrote on April 11. Sources reported that the ex-Finance Minister is going to write a new economic program to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In a straight line on 14 April, the President said that the position of Kudrin, who after leaving the Ministry of Finance in 2011, was refused job offers in the administrative structures have changed. Later, in the program “Vesti on Saturday”, Putin said that the Kremlin was able to find a form of cooperation with Kudrin. On 20 April Mr Kudrin himself said that he accepted the offer to become the head of the Board of the Center for strategic research. Then he said that the decision on the appointment should be made in the coming days.