Moscow authorities have promised to “remove from the streets Shawarma”

The Department of trade and services of Moscow intends to remove from the capital’s streets all the remaining stalls with Shawarma. About it in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said the head of the Department Alexei nemeryuk.

“Such format as “Shawarma” in the scheme of placement of street trade no. Now finish the work of individual kiosks, which have not yet expired leases. We remove from the streets Shawarma. It will be no more”, — said Nemeryuk.

In his words, “the fact of cooking in a tent where there is no water, sewage does not comply with the conditions of storage products, is already causing rejection of the food that they prepare”.

Mr nemeryuk said that the repeated check of the CPS kiosks with Shawarma confirm “that the owners of these kiosks even will have to suffer even the slightest cost to bring everything in proper sanitary look.” The city authorities strive to protect the citizens and guests of the city from unscrupulous entrepreneurs, the official said.

He also answered a leading question about what happened to the kiosks with ice cream, which, according to them, used to stand near each metro station. According to Nemeryuk, the kiosks with ice cream won’t be closed, moreover, since 2014 they became two times more. “When it ends the lease, stall remove and announce a contest for this place,” he said.

One of the checks kiosks with fast food last spring, reported the head of the Moscow Department of Rospotrebnadzor of Elena Andreeva. According to her, after a surprise raids conducted from April 6-11, 2015, violations were found in 61 the kiosk with Shawarma and chicken grill. 18 outlets were sealed immediately, another 39 issued an order for closure. The total sum of imposed fines amounted to 6 million rubles.

According to the Moscow Department of trade, in Moscow as of the end of April 2015 worked 302 the point of selling fast food.

In October last year, “Vedomosti” wrote that the Russians in the conditions of crisis were more likely to visit fast-food places and continue to open new points. However, the material of the newspaper it was about stationary establishments such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and other networks.

Moscow authorities are fighting against street trade for several years. In the night of 9 February in the capital were demolished dozens of shopping pavilions, which caused a wide public resonance. About old and new players in this market has been extensively reviewed in the investigation.

On 14 April, the architectural Committee approved the concept of the appearance and design of the kiosks, which should appear on the streets of the capital. On the same day the head of the Department of trade said that in the city centre during the summer season will appear summer cafes without seats.