Obama talked about “an erroneous view” of Putin on NATO and the European Union

U.S. President Barack Obama believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin “considers NATO, the EU and transatlantic unity as a threat to the Russian authorities”. Such opinion us President said in an interview with CBS.

Obama’s statement was made in the context of the discussion of the immigration crisis. Obama noted that this is not only a European problem but a problem of the United States. Particular attention Obama paid to the fact that in Europe in the Wake of the migration crisis is strengthening right-wing nationalism, which “threatens European unity, and in some cases exploited by people like Putin.”

The question is, do they want the Russian President to divide Europe, Obama said that Putin is not always adhered to the idea of European unity.

“Mr. Putin, generally regarded NATO, EU, transatlantic unity as a threat to Russian power,” Obama said. “I think he’s wrong. I pointed out to him that actually a strong, United Europe working with a strong, outward-looking Russia — this is the right recipe,” said Obama, adding that while not completely convinced this Russian President.