“Panamanian archive” knitted Roldugin, a cellist with the Magnitsky case

The center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) published new material based on a large-scale leak of internal documents of the Panamanian law firm Mossak Fonseka. This time OCCRP drew attention to a commercial contract from may 2008, which shows that International Media Overseas SA (IMO), a Panamanian company, the sole owner of which at the time was Roldugin, an old friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is sold to the Corporation from the British virgin Islands Delco Networks SA (Delco) 70 thousand shares of “Rosneft” for the sum of just over $800 thousand Shares were paid for with money transferred from a Bank account in Delco Lithuanian Bank ŪKIO Bankas to the account of the company Roldugin at the Zurich branch of Russian Commercial Bank (RCB).

The Delco company and other related companies OCCRP names part of a large offshore network of money laundering that had the companies and Bank accounts in Russia, Moldova, great Britain, Latvia and offshore jurisdictions.

Disappeared from the Russian budget in the case of the Magnitsky money in the beginning of 2008 were derived through a system of fictitious companies. Two of these companies were registered in Moldova Elenast-Com SRL and Bunicon-Impex SRL. In February 2008, Elenast and Bunicon transferred some of the withdrawn money to the company Vanterey Union Inc. with the British virgin Islands, which then transferred the money to the company Roberta Transit LLP, located in United Kingdom. Roberta Transit, in turn, sent the money and the money of other related companies ($2 million) in Delco. The charges followed one another, and Delco got all of them in the same month.

Vanterey in addition, three other companies named in the Magnitsky case, — Protectron Company Inc., Wagnest Ltd., and Zarina Group Inc is also transferred funds in Transit Roberta. As Vanterey, Zarina Group also received in February 2008, money from two Moldovan shell companies.

Two months later, Delco bought the shares of “Rosneft” Roldugin, moving in may 2008 the company of cellist $800 thousand.

Roberta Transit, which in 2009 ceased operations, was established as a non-transparent limited liability partnership between two companies registered in the British virgin Islands: Milltown Corporate Services and Ireland & Overseas Acquisitions Ltd. These two companies have played a played a role in the swindles connected with the arms trade, pharmaceuticals and other industries, says OCCRP.

Two Moldovan companies, Elenast and Bunicon, were also involved in several other transfers related to the Magnitsky case. The money that passed through their account, were eventually invested in luxury apartments near wall street in new York. These apartments are currently arrested by the American authorities.

All the money earned Roldugin in the business, he spent for the purchase of musical instruments abroad, and is now engaged in the design of tools to the state, commented on the investigation of Vladimir Putin on 7 April on the forum of the popular front. The Roldugin said in an interview to “Vesti Nedeli” on 10 April that he “begged for money” for the purchase of musical instruments, and then friends offered him a small share in the business, not to beg for money.

Roldugin was not available for comment, said OCCRP.

The Case Of Sergei Magnitsky

The auditor of the British Fund Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky was arrested in November 2008. According to the investigation, he together with the head of the Fund William Browder developed the scheme of leaving from taxes and underpaid in the budget of 522 million rubles, using benefits intended for disabled people. Also, according to the prosecution, Magnitsky figured out how to circumvent the ban on the purchase of shares of “Gazprom” foreign investors and purchased securities in a shell company.

While in custody, Magnitsky himself claimed that the real reason for his prosecution was that he uncovered a scheme of theft of 5.4 billion rubles and blamed it on officials. That the amount of the Fund was to receive as a refund of overpaid taxes.

In the custody of the Magnitsky began to have problems with health: he was regularly placed in a medical treatment and was diagnosed with “pancreatitis”. He died on 16 November 2009 in the SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where he was taken a few hours before the death of the “butirki”. Witnesses from the employees of the detention center claimed that before his death, Magnitsky had started hallucinating, and they even had to shackle him in the cuffs – so in the hands of the deceased were discovered traces of non-lethal weapons. The defense of the auditor assumed that before the death of Magnitsky was tortured.