Seoul informed Pyongyang of the new launch of ballistic missiles

North Korea is preparing for a new effort to launch a ballistic medium-range missiles after a failed first attempt, carried out on 15 April, the birthday of multi-year North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. About it reports South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing government sources.

“There are signs that North Korea is trying to launch another rocket “Musudan” after the failed launch, which took place earlier in the day of the birth of Kim Il-Sung”, – quotes Agency of one of the interlocutors. According to him, the new missile is set to launch.

According to another source, there are indications that the launch may take place in the near future.

Unsuccessful rocket launch, Pyongyang made on Friday, April 15, the birthday of Kim Il-Sung. According to the Agency Yonhap, it was about a rocket called the “Musudan” with a range over 3000 km.

Last Saturday, North Korea had launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, Reuters reported citing the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea. On Sunday, the North Korean authorities reported the successful rocket launch.

At the same time the foreign Minister of the DPRK Lee soo Yong in an interview with Associated Press said that North Korea ready to stop nuclear tests if the United States ceases its annual joint South Korea military exercises. “Stop nuclear war exercises on the Korean Peninsula, then we will stop our nuclear testing,” he said.