SWIFT warned customers about the multiple “cyberincidents”

International interbank system of information transfer SWIFT warned its customers that there had been multiple “cyber incidents”, reports Reuters, citing a notice the company sent to customers.

Earlier it became known that the hackers who stole $81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh could exploit the vulnerability in the SWIFT system.

“SWIFT knows about many of the recent cyber incidents, in which criminals are operating within the system or outside, managed to send the SWIFT message from the back-offices of financial institutions, personal or work computers connected to the local interface the SWIFT network,” reads the notice. About the victims or the losses of these cyber incidents SWIFT in its notification said.

Hackers gained access to SWIFT Video: Channel

In addition, according to Reuters, on Monday, SWIFT has also released an update to its software, used by banks to gain access to the system. The company told customers that the update must be installed before may 12.

“We did a software update interface Alliance required because it is intended to assist banks in identifying situations where attackers are trying to cover their tracks — whether the action was performed manually or using malware,” said Reuters a spokesman for SWIFT Natasha Detern.