The expert did not rule out advance by Russia in the U.S. in terms of wheat exports

The expert did not rule out advance by Russia in the U.S. in terms of wheat exports

Moscow. April 25. The export of Russian grain in the current marketing year (July 2015 to June 2016) could reach 35.2 million tons against 32 million tonnes in the previous season (including supplies to Kazakhstan), predicts the Deputy Director of Department of strategic marketing of CJSC “Rusagrotrans” Igor Pavensky.

The previous forecast of grain exports amounted to 34.4 million tons.

Wheat exports, according to the forecast, may reach 24.5 million tons compared to 21.6 million tons a year earlier, Pavensky said. Thus, Russia, with 24.7 million tons of wheat (including flour in terms of grain) this season for the first time will take the second place on deliveries of wheat after the European Union (32 million tons) and for the first time ahead of the US exports (21.3 mln tons), expert predicts (given the export of grain from the EU country, Russia will become a leader in the supply of wheat).

For the export of barley (4.3 million tons, according to the forecast) Russia will come in third place after the EU and Australia (as last season), maize (five million tons) – on the fifth place.

In addition, this season Russia will supply abroad about 860 thousand tons of peas and chickpeas and about 200 thousand tons of flour in terms of grain.

According to Pavensky, a grain export in April totaled 2.5 million tons compared to 1.42 million tonnes in April last year, including wheat – 1,57 million tons (532 thousand tonnes in the previous year), barley – 170-200 thousand tons (413 thousand tons), corn -700 thousand tonnes (460 thousand tons).

Given the extremely active export of wheat in recent months and the reduction of its stocks in the regions, the forecast of grain exports in may decreased to 1.52 million tons. According to experts, the export of wheat will fall to 900 thousand tons, barley – up to 100 thousand tons, corn – 500 thousand tons. Around 1.2 million tons, including about 700 thousand tons of wheat, Russia can export in June.