The Fund Yakunin will be engaged in the political training of students of Moscow state University

The endowment Fund “Istoki” of the former President of Russian Railways (RZD) starts a joint project with Moscow state University, told the chief of Department on public relations of Fund Olga Biryukova.

The project involves the launch of a new educational program in political science of the endowment Fund “Istoki” and the faculty of political science of Moscow state University. The educational program of the project includes training of MSU students in summer schools at leading foreign educational and research centers, as well as student exchanges.

In 2016, students who have successfully passed the selection, you can select one of six universities. Will be asked to choose the London school of Economics and political science (LSE), the French Institute of political studies (Science Pro), British Oxford, Peking University, Hong Kong University, international political science Association, in conjunction with the National University of Singapore

In the future the summer school will be held for foreign students at Russian universities, said Biryukov. As told Biryukov, the founder of the Foundation Vladimir Yakunin also read a lecture, but not Russian, but foreign students.

“The Fund pays for the tuition and transportation costs. The course of the summer school lasts on average one month, and the cost depends on the chosen programme of study. About it comes to budget around $10 thousand per student,” — said the representative of the Fund.

Organization of summer schools of science is only part of a broad educational program to promote domestic science, which the faculty of political science of Moscow state University plans to begin together with the endowment Fund “Sources” in 2016, say in the Fund. Among other activities we plan to invite world-renowned lecturers, and starting the master’s program in English.

Fund “Istoki” registered by 5 March 2013. Yakunin is the founder of the Fund. The income from the investment of donations raised goes to the development of socially significant programs of the St. Andrew Foundation and national glory Center and chair of whose Board is chaired by Yakunin. Purpose funds — “attracting public attention to the issues of spiritual and moral revival of Russia and respect Russian history and culture, education and upbringing of youth.” The volume of the generated target capital Fund is among the five largest endowments of Russia.

Yakunin left the post of President of the Russian Railways in August 2015. He was invited to become a member of the Federation Council of the Kaliningrad region, but in the end, he refused this post, having explained it to that wants to focus on expert and scientific work. Now, Yakunin is acting President of the Russian society of political scientists.

In its public statements Yakunin has often been criticized by Western countries. In an interview with TASS in 2014, the former head of RZD said that “the West is a systematic, well-layered and propeciabuy information war aimed at the destruction of the value of the Russian people”. According to Yakunin, “the ultimate goal of the “financial oligarchy” — “cipitate of mankind,” he wrote in the almanac “Development and economy”.

“Everything becomes familiar, an enemy jumped out from behind a corner, a shot rang out. And given how developed the graphics of modern games, the Americans are sure that without sending in the army or the war they bring up people with a certain mentality,” said Yakunin at a lecture in St. Petersburg state University “Globalization and capitalism” in March 2015.

Yakunin is also a supporter of traditional family values, believing that they are threatened by sexual minorities.