The mayor’s office explained the message about the ban of Shawarma technical problems

The city authorities do not plan to ban street stalls with Shawarma, said “Rain” the head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey ameryk.

“The question was about one particular stall with Shawarma, which is somewhere there. The residents complained. There’s no ban on Shawarma, she’s, she sold it and the restaurants there,” said Ameryk “Rain”.

According to the official, his words on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” have been misinterpreted because of technical problems.

Transcript of the interview Nemeryuk was published on the website “KP”. Leading quoted a question from site users who asks the head of the Department of Commerce, “there are kiosks with Shawarma?”

“Such format as “Shawarma” in the scheme of placement of street trade no. Now finish the work of individual kiosks, which have not yet expired of the lease. We remove from the streets Shawarma. It will be no more”, — cited the words of Nemeryuk on the website “KP”.