The Moscow exchange suspended trading on the derivatives market

On Monday, April 25, at 11:20 Moscow time, the Moscow exchange suspended trading on the futures market, it was officially informed of the trading platform.

Later, the press service of the exchange said that trading on the futures market will resume at 12:10 GMT. Now the trading system is available to remove previously placed bids.

“We observed that some brokers are experiencing difficulty connecting to the site, so I decided to suspend trading,” said managing Director of communications for Moscow exchange, Andrey Braginsky.

Earlier within 40 minutes of the trading participants connecting to the exchange via the Internet, could not submit bids in the futures market. Then the Braginsky said that problems with access to the derivatives market there are “several dozens of small bidders” that are connected through the Internet. “The other bidders, including major brokers, no problems emerged,” he said, adding that only the pad is connected to more than 2 thousand participants of the auction.

“Until we understand the difficulties with the connection brokers with the morning situation,” said Braginsky. According to him, employees of the exchange now trying to find out the cause of a problem.

In December 2015 there have been several failures on the Moscow exchange. 29 December in the futures market were stopped after the clearing session. “The session lasts from 14:00 to 14:04. At this time, the auction is suspended,” — said the official representative of the exchange Lev Bystrov. This time the exchange has been unable to resume trading after the clearing. “There was a bug in its results, the exchange was double-checked them,” he said. Q14:28 GMT the trading system of the derivatives market was available for withdrawal applications, at 14:50 MSK trading on the derivatives market was resumed.

Problem with access to exchange was observed on 21 December, when the users connected to the Moscow exchange over the Internet, lost contact with the trading platform. The website has been down for 1 hour and 20 minutes. While all trading systems worked fine.

Before this crashing happened on 15 December, when the decision to suspend trading was taken after problems with the distribution of market data.

September 8, 2015 was the largest for all time of the crash on the Moscow stock exchange: trading was halted on stock, currency and derivatives markets. Didn’t work and the online trading platform. The stop-loss exchange explained failure of network equipment installed in the data center M1.