Cars in Russia for the year rose by 16%

The average prices for cars in Russia over the past year increased on average by 16%, the average price of a new car made up 1.36 million RUB, informs analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”.

The Agency has conducted a study covering 35 best-selling brands. The weighted average price for each was estimated based on average values recommended by the distributor of the prices and volumes of sales for each model.

“According to the study in January—March of this year the average price of a new passenger car in Russia amounted to 1.36 million RUB that on 16% more than in the same period of 2015”, — said the Agency.

The largest price increase was demonstrated by the Land Rover vehicles, the average price of which increased by 65%. Lexus, Mazda and Audi rose by an average of 27% each. More than 20% rise of prices for Mitsubishi (25%) and Subaru (23%). Russian UAZ and Lada rose by 17 and 16%, respectively.

Some brands showed a decline of average prices. Cars Ford fell on average by 6%, Chevrolet — by 7%, Volkswagen — on 8%.

As previously mentioned , sales of new passenger cars in the first quarter of 2016 decreased by 16.9%, during this period it sold 319,1 thousand cars. According to forecasts of the Association of European businesses (AEB), 2016 in Russia will be sold about 1.53 million vs 1.6 million cars in 2015. Thus, the drop in sales could be around 4%.

In 2015, sales of passenger cars in the Russian car market fell by 35.7%. In January 2016, according to AEB, the sales decline in annual terms amounted to 29.1%. “Not the best start to a year that is agreed by all experts again it will show the negative sales dynamics. However, the majority of annual forecasts, including our own, have better dynamics, than what we saw in January,” commented then the result of the Chairman of automobile manufacturers Committee of the AEB Joerg Schreiber.