Donald trump announced its priorities in foreign policy

Speaking in Washington, the Republican candidate trump has called for changes in US foreign policy, reports Reuters. “It’s time to take off her rust. It’s time for a fresh look at our allies,” – said the presidential candidate. He said that the U.S. will be reliable friend and ally, but said that Europe and Asia should pay America for providing for their defense.

Trump said that his main task will be to protect the interests of the American people. “First America. This is the main underlying theme, which will stick to my administration”, he said

The presidential candidate criticized the foreign policy of Barack Obama. In particular, he said that the DPRK is completely out of control. As a solution to this problem, the tramp sees the use of economic advantages over China to get Beijing to rein in Pyongyang. He said, “China respects strength, and allowing him to seize the economic initiative, America is losing it’s respect.”

Trump also pointed out that the armed forces of the United States will have to develop not more slowly than military programs in China and Russia. However, he assured that the American army will be used outside country only in case of emergency.

With regard to relations with Russia, trump said he believes it is possible “to reduce the tension from a position of strength”. “Some say the Russians will behave inappropriately in the negotiations. So I’ll find out. If we do not achieve agreement, which will be great for America, but also good for Russia, then we quickly leave the negotiations. It’s very simple,” said the presidential candidates.