Mutko told about the high concentration of Meldonium in doping probe Sharapova

The concentration of Meldonium in the doping sample Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova exceeds the permitted limit. About it has told on air “Match TV” sports Minister Vitaly Mutko.

“Masha the question is more complex. It is complicated by the fact that there’s concentration exceeds the norm. Masha took the drug a few years on prescription. Will be able to avoid punishment or not — I don’t want to announce. We just wish it was restored in the sport,” said Mutko.

The scandal around Russian athletes, in the blood which was discovered Meldonium, erupted after the drug was among the banned from 1 January 2016.

Sharapova herself at a special press conference on March 7 announced that in her doping sample was discovered Meldonium. Thereafter, the international tennis Federation (ITF) suspended the athlete from participating in competitions, and several sponsors, including Nike and TAG Heuer, refused to cooperate with her. According to estimates of the American magazine Forbes, the annual income of Sharapova, which is 11 years holds the status of the highest paid athletes in the world, estimated in 2015 to $29.7 million

In addition to Sharapova on Melidoni caught and a number of other Russian athletes.

April 13 World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has specified the permissible content of Meldonium in the blood of athletes. “Cases in which the doping sample the contents of Meldonium less than 1 mcg and it is taken before March 1, 2016, comparable with cases of use of the drug until January 1, 2016. Thus, it is assumed that the athlete had not taken the drug deliberately after his ban,” said the Agency.

Then Mutko called the right decision by WADA to soften stance on Meldonium and did not rule out a future rehabilitation of the Russian athletes and their return to sport.