Navalny has filed a lawsuit against Dmitry Kiselev and RTR

The opposition leader, the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has filed a suit in the Savelovsky court of Moscow. The document was prepared by the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption, Vyacheslav Gimadi (the text of the statement is available). The plaintiff says that the announcement of the film “the Browder Effect”, which was shown in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” on April 10, and the material on the website called “Operation “Shiver” were circulated “false and discrediting information”.

“The defendants it is alleged that Navalny is recruited by a CIA agent with the call Freedom that he is engaged in activities aimed at undermining the existing constitutional order in the Russian Federation, and also that he participated in the organization of attempt at murder of Sergei Magnitsky”, — stated in the lawsuit. The document also stresses that the VGTRK journalists indicate the existence of correspondence in Skype, which acknowledges in the film facts.

Navalny claims that he never used the nickname free_dm in Skype, not shared with the founder of Hermitage Capital William Browder of those messages quoted in the film, worked for the CIA under the direction of agent “secret intelligence service” of Solomon (in a plot “Russia 1” it was alleged that this call was Browder) and was not involved in the murder of lawyer and auditor Hermitafe Capital of Sergei Magnitsky.

Bulk asks the court to declare all these allegations discrediting his honor and dignity and to oblige VGTRK, host of “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev and the author of the film Evgeny Popov to make a rebuttal. In the lawsuit there is no requirement about compensation of moral harm.

Of its intention to apply to the court, Navalny announced on April 11. He also asked the FSB to check the “secret documents” referred to journalists of VGTRK. Kiselev commented on the actions of Navalny said that “this is the rare case” when it supports the founder of the FBC.

In the movie “Russia 1” said that Navalny was recruited by Browder. It is the head of Hermitage Capital Navalny persuaded to engage in “greenmail”, “become a hero of minority shareholders and make yourself reputational capital”. For example, Browder allegedly provided Bulk materials according to VTB, it was alleged in the story.

Also, the authors of the investigation have stressed that Navalny received $300 thousand for a program to support the “Magnitsky list” for “undermining citizens’ trust in judicial and law enforcement system.

Bulk in absentia familiar with Browder, explained the representative of the opposition Kira Armys. According to her, Browder and Navalny never skyped, but a couple of times and I corresponded by e-mail. “Alexei was interested in the experience of his [Browder’s] courts with “Gazprom”, — said the press Secretary.