The lawyer declared the beginning of procedure of issue of Nadiya Savchenko

The procedure of issuance of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, imprisoned in Russia into the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass in the summer of 2014 to 22 years, started. This was reported by her lawyer mark Feigin.

“Savchenko’s statement about her consent to the surrender to serve his sentence in Ukraine, I got 7 of April and then handed over to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, which has made a request to the Ministry of justice of Russia in accordance with the Convention on transfer of sentenced persons 1983” — said Feigin.

Wednesday, April 27, Nadezhda Savchenko, according to her sister Vera Savchenko, obtained the relevant documents on the issue, which confirms that the procedure is running. Convention on extradition of convicted persons provides that the decision to transfer Savchenko to serve their sentence in Ukraine should take the court, reminded Feigin.

A court date is still unknown and may require a specific procedural decision in order to determine which court should make the decision according to Savchenko, the lawyer said. The decision should be taken by the court at the place of punishment, but Savchenko until transported to the colony, so it can be determined that her case will be reviewed at the place of stay in jail, said Feigin. Savchenko is still detained in pre-trial detention in Novocherkassk, and a decision will be made by the local court, he suggested.

The lawyer clarified that the beginning of the extradition procedure does not preclude the fact that theoretically, the Governor can pardon that would free her from punishment in Ukraine, however, it is the prerogative of the President of Russia.

Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons of 1983 provides for the transfer of a person convicted on the territory of a party, to serve their sentence on the territory of another party, the transfer request can be done either by country of sentencing, or the country of its execution.

That Hope Savchenko received from the head of the detention center to fill in the documents necessary for its extradition to Ukraine, informed on Wednesday coolsmile her sister Vera Savchenko. “She now fills in the documents: application, biographical data, etc. As said the warden Kalganov, they are necessary for extradition. She said that these procedure documents need to be completed to extradition. Let’s hope so,” she said Ukrainian “Television news service”.

Last week, on April 22, it became known that Russia and Ukraine have agreed about the mechanism of release of Savchenko.

That Moscow will hand it over to Kiev in exchange for Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev, is considered in Ukraine, “the GRU soldiers,” said a Federal official and a source close to the leadership of the Federation Council. According to them, the exchange can take place no earlier than mid-may, after the entry into force of the sentences Alexandrov and Erofeev. A Ukrainian court sentenced them to 14 years for participation in hostilities in the Donbass. Savchenko by sentence of the city court of Donetsk of the Rostov region received 22 years in prison for the murder of employees of VGTRK in the East of Ukraine.