The submission of the budget to postpone due to elections

The head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov has suggested to postpone for a month the deadline for introduction of a bill on the Federal budget for 2017-2019 years in the state Duma. The text of the bill published on 26 April in the database of the state Duma.

Makarov offers through amendments to the Budget code to establish that in 2016 the draft law on the Federal budget and budgets of extra-budgetary funds is brought in the state Duma not later than November 1. Now in the Budget code, the deadline for submitting a draft law on the budget is October 1.

In addition, Makarov proposes to move to November 1 period of application of the draft guidelines for the single state monetary policy, which prepares the Central Bank. Terms of payment bills of budgets of regions and municipalities are encouraged to determine their own regional and local authorities.

In the explanatory note to the bill says that such a proposal is dictated by the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation (they will be held on 18 September, i.e. two weeks before the date of submission of the draft budget to the state Duma according to the existing rules). It also says that the state Duma should convene in its new composition not later than on the thirtieth day after the election.

The budget for the next three years will be considered by the Duma of the new convocation, recalled Andrey Makarov. He is confident that the Duma, and in 2015, will meet at the usual time of consideration of the budget without compromising quality. The whole procedure, including consideration of the document by the state Duma and the Federation Council will be completed until December 20, says Makarov.

In 2015, the state Duma adopted the bill on the budget on 4 December, 9 December, the document was approved by the Federation Council and President Vladimir Putin signed it on December 15. Thus, in the past year on the work with bill after its submission to the Duma in about two and a half months. If the initiative is approved Makarova, will leave a little more than half.

Head of the Economic expert group (EEG) Evsey Gurvich says that the transfer is justified for November: after the election of the deputies it will be necessary first to form the Duma committees before discussing the budget. The transfer of the budget process at a later date will result in significantly reduced time for adjustment of the project budget, warns Alexandra Suslina of the EEG. “On the one hand, the more time will be the Ministry of Finance in preparing the budget, the better. On the other , the transfer on 1 November means that little time will be left for the discussion of some controversial issues that clearly will be. Because years is very difficult and the budget is very controversial,” says Suslina.

2016 is not the first, when it is necessary to change the established rules of work on the budget. The law under which the budget has been in 2016, also moved the deadlines and set October 25 as the deadline for submission to the state Duma of the draft Federal budget. The subjects of the Russian Federation has also been granted an extension — to make budgets was not until November 1, as before, and until November 15. In addition, last year due to the difficult economic situation it was decided to go with a three-year budget cycle for the annual budget.