The United States sent to Lithuania two of the newest fighter F-22 Raptor

On the air base Siauliai in Lithuania, where the mission of the air patrol of NATO in the Baltic countries in the framework of the teachings of the profits of two US air force fighter jet of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor. About it reports on Wednesday, April 27, the Ministry of defence of Lithuania.

The report States that this is the first time American fighter of this type was visited in Lithuania. According to the Minister of defense of Lithuania Juozas Olekas a, this step once again demonstrates the benchmark of the US and NATO on European security and sends a clear message of deterrence to those seeking to destabilize the situation in the region.”

In Lithuania the American F-22 Raptor arrived from an air base in Britain, where from April to may U.S. air force conducted joint exercises with other European allies. In total, the British database includes 12 fighters F-22 Raptor, the report said Lithuanian defense Ministry. It is noted that the fighters will visit and in other member countries of NATO, which will take part in joint exercises, which will strengthen the response capacity across the region”.

The Agency Delfi adds that sending fighter jets to Lithuania, which was not informed in advance, was held in the period of exacerbation in the region associated with the maneuvers of Russian fighter jets close to American vessels and aircraft in the Baltic sea.

In April, the US government told about dangerous rapprochement of the Russian aircraft with an American destroyer “Donald cook”. The Pentagon released a video of the incident, which show that the aircraft flew a few dozen meters from the ship. The defense Ministry explained that by the fact that the crews of su-24 Russian space forces performed routine training flights over neutral waters of the Baltic sea.

Later, the U.S. reported about another incident in the skies over the Baltic sea. As told the representative of the European command of the Armed forces of the United States Danny Hernandez, a Russian su-27 in “an aggressive manner” passed within about 15 meters from wing reconnaissance aircraft of the air forces of the United States RC-135. In Moscow at the same time explained that we are not talking about “threat convergence,” and about the fly the plane.