Zhirinovsky questioned the ability Rogozin, responsible for the space

Commenting in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” the cancellation of the first launch from the cosmodrome “East”, Zhirinovsky suggested that we are talking about personnel. In particular, he noted that he was from the very beginning it was clear the appointment of Dmitry Rogozin, responsible in particular for the development of the space industry.

According to the leader of LDPR, “Rogozin still a scholar, journalist, and space industry requires that all-taki was an engineer associated with space”.

Zhirinovsky said that Rogozin “must have been thinking when he agreed to” supervise the industry, which is not a specialist. “He’s even a pilot was not, and is responsible for the whole cosmos” – said the head of the party.

The first launch at the cosmodrome “East” was aborted a minute before the start. Vladimir Putin made a special trip to Amur oblast on the occasion, said the need to draw conclusions. “If failures are associated with sloppiness, I want to understand how is the debriefing in such cases”, – said the President. However, he noted that the failure is associated not with the state of the spaceport. Putin remained in the Amur region for another day. Re rocket launch tentatively scheduled for the morning of 28 April.

According to the preliminary version, the cause of the failure was the problem with the appliance control system of the launch vehicle.