Schuster returned the right to work in Ukraine to “clarify”

State employment service of Ukraine has suspended the decision of the Kyiv employment center about the cancellation of the journalist and the host Savik Shuster a work permit in Ukraine. This is the official page of the office Facebook.

“State employment service (Central office) has suspended the decision of the Kyiv city employment center about the cancellation of the permit to use labour of a citizen of Canada Savik Shuster in Ukraine to clarify the circumstances”, — is spoken in the message. It is noted that the decision to suspend was made after the written request of the journalist to the management of the service.

“Employment service — it is not an old archaic structure. We are in a state of reform and we are always open for anyone. I have received the statement of the citizen Schuster, and, in response to this document, we suspend the decision of the order until the circumstances are clarified,” — said the Chairman of the state service Sergei Kravchenko, whose words are reported.

Cancellation of work permits Schuster on the territory of Ukraine it became known on April 26. Partner TV presenter Pavel Elizarov said that two weeks before this permission was granted to work for a journalist. Authorities later explained that the license was revoked because of information on the criminal case, which involves a TV host.

The journalist said that he would work in the Ukraine “without permission”, and after live went on hunger strike and promised to continue it for as long as he was not allowed to work again in the Ukraine.

The day before, on April 28, the State fiscal service of Ukraine reported that Schuster and the leaders of the company “Savik Shuster Studio” is involved in the investigation about the tax evasion in especially large size.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, commenting on the situation, expressed hope that in the shortest possible time “the incident with journalist Savik Shuster” will be exhausted.

Savik Shuster, author and host of a talk show “Shuster Live”, which is published once a week on the channel Schuster is a citizen of Canada and Italy. In Ukraine he has more than 10 years. Prior to this, the journalist, in particular, worked in Russia on NTV and . In the summer of 2009 Shuster co-created the company “Savik Shuster Studio”.