The car with your sister Hope Savchenko detained on the border with Ukraine

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry in its official Twitter said that Faith Savchenko is together with the Ukrainian Consul in a car with diplomatic plates. The foreign Ministry claim that Savchenko’s passport is by the representatives of Russia.

The same information was reported by Ambassador extraordinary at large MFA of Ukraine Dmitry Koleda, who claimed that “Savchenko and the Consul has locked himself in a car with diplomatic plates, and representatives of the Russian authorities to block the car, ignoring his status”.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that “Faith Savchenko detained in Russia”. “Our Consul with her at the police Department, fighting for her liberation”.

The lawyer Hopes Savchenko Ilya Novikov told TASS news Agency that Vera Savchenko tried to leave the territory of Russia, and she said that she is wanted. “She is in a car with diplomatic plates, it can’t hold physically. Do not have the right nor the guards, nor the FSB, no one can break into the consular car,” the lawyer said.

Novikov explained that Vera Savchenko was declared wanted in the case about the insult of the judge in the court of the city of Grozny.

“While the guards think to keep her or not, I asked her not to leave the consular car. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine informed. I expect the issue will be resolved in the coming hours, but just in case are preparing to fight back,” wrote Novikov in his Facebook.

Another lawyer Hopes Savchenko mark Feigin in his Twitter said that “Faith Savchenko was detained on the border with Ukraine at a checkpoint Chertkovo and took his passport”.