The former head of German intelligence offered to turn the Crimea in Hong Kong

To solve the Crimean question by the transformation of the Peninsula in the international marketplace, says former head of German intelligence August applying the hunning, who headed the BND between 1998 and 2005. “My idea is to create in the Crimea a free economic zone, for example, we should try to do [the likeness] of Hong Kong in consensus with Ukraine, with the West, with the European Union”, — he has declared to the correspondent bi-Bi-si on the sidelines of the conference on international security held in Moscow on April 27-28.

The applying the hunning did not detail his proposal, noting that such decisions have not the time has come. “We need more [of the imagination]. Now is not the time, but maybe in the future there will be a chance,” he said, adding that he personally made a few suggestions, even for the Crimea”.

A retired German intelligence said that he had “no doubt that the majority of the population of Crimea voted to become part of Russia”. He added that the manner in which it was annexed Peninsula, is unacceptable to the West.

The applying the hunning said that, in his feeling that Russia is open to move forward and find solutions, including in the Crimea. He also urged to make a compromise non-public. “We should do this more circumspectly — publicity will only harm”, — told the former head of the BND.

Hong Kong until 1997, was leased to great Britain. After his return to China he received the status of special administrative region with rights of broad internal autonomy for a transitional 50 years, i.e. until 2047. Under the agreement the functions of Beijing is limited to the representation of Hong Kong in international relations and defense issues.

In January 2016 in the Asian economic forum, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that Russia is ready to discuss the possibility of creating between Hong Kong and the Eurasian Union free economic zone. He added that such an agreement has already been concluded with Vietnam and the negotiations in this direction with Israel.

Crimea was annexed to Russia in the spring of 2014 according to the results held on the Peninsula the referendum. Ukraine does not recognize its results, and in this was supported by the US and EU. In January the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which he called the return of the Crimea one of the conditions for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.