The French national Assembly adopted a resolution on lifting sanctions against Russia

The resolution calling for the French government to support the lifting of sanctions against Russia adopted on 28 April by the French National Assembly, reported on the website of the Parliament. For the document voted 55 deputies from present 101. Just the 577 national Assembly deputies.

The resolution was supported by 45 deputies of the opposition center-right faction of the Republicans. Opposed by 40 members of the ruling Socialist party, according to the website Natssobraniya.

The document is Advisory in nature and does not oblige the authorities to take specific action, the correspondent of RIA Novosti in Paris.

Draft resolution No. 3585 was introduced to Parliament on 17 March, the Deputy Thierry Mariani, who is part of the international Affairs Committee and is the co-chair of the organization “Franco-Russian dialogue”. He called the sanctions “totally ineffective” and threatening the interests of France.

Restrictive measures against Russian companies and politicians were imposed by the EU after the accession of Crimea to Russia, and in Moscow Donbass militias, which came into armed conflict with the Ukrainian authorities.

In the summer of 2015, Mariani visited the Crimea in the delegation of the French Parliament, where he advocated the abolition of sanctions and said, in the region there is no signs of occupation. “It’s a peaceful region, and people live here happily and freely”, — said the French politician.

Mariani also called the return of the Crimea to Russia, “a historical pattern”. “After all that we here saw and heard, we understand that the return of Crimea to Russia is just the historical pattern and the result of all previous history,” he said.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry in response to the visit of the French deputies of the Crimea called on to deny them entry into the country, and the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings on the fact of “violation of the procedure for illegal entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it”.

The French foreign Ministry also condemned the visit of deputies to the Crimea, and calling their actions “a violation of international law”. “It’s about personal initiative of parliamentarians,” explained July 2015, the official representative of the foreign Ministry of France Romain Nadal.