Tkachev announced the withdrawal of Russia into first place in the export of wheat

The head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev told journalists on Thursday, 28 April that Russia has become a world leader in the export of wheat, beating the US and Canada, reports TASS. The Minister said that in current year Russia will supply to foreign markets about 25 million tons of wheat.

“In the export of wheat this figure [is] about 25 million tons. We have become world leaders in the export of wheat. Bypassed thus countries such as Canada, America,” — said Tkachev.

According to him, last year Russia has reached record levels at harvest of maize (13.2 million tons), rice (1.1 million tonnes), soybean (2.7 million tons) and buckwheat (900 thousand tons).

The total grain harvest in 2015 was 104.8 million tons, the forecast for the current year is 33 million tons, said Tkachyov.

The report of the Minister of agriculture, which is published on the Agency’s website, says that high grain yield increases the country’s income and raises the international prestige of Russia as a leader in the export of wheat on the world stage”.

That Russia can reach in 2016, a world leader in wheat exports, in February, reported The Wall Street Journal, citing data from the Ministry of agriculture of the United States. According to experts, Russia to export 23.5 million tonnes, 3% more than in 2015.