Ukraine set a market price for gas for the population

The government of Ukraine on Wednesday unanimously adopted a resolution on the establishment of a single price for gas in the amount of 6,879 thousand hryvnia, reported the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

In his opening remarks at the meeting, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that “it will be the last change in gas prices in the life” of the state.

According to the government decree, from 1 may “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will sell gas to the population at a single price 6,879 thousand hryvnias [more than 17.8 thousand RUB] per 1 thousand cubic meters including VAT, transportation costs and other expenses.

According Groisman, for 3 million customers the price of gas from 7.2 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters, which was previously accepted as economically sound, will fall to 6.8 thousand. But at the same time, the Ukrainian government abolished the “social norm” in the amount of 1.2 thousand cubic meters for the heating season, within which the population buying gas for 3, 6 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters (in excess of the normal rate amounted to 7.2 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters).

The head of Ukrainian government promised that the Cabinet will look after every citizen of Ukraine, which today is difficult.” “Of course, those who have large incomes, they will pay the full price for their consumption. I want to assure everyone that those who will need additional social protection from the state, he’ll get it,” said the Prime Minister (quoted by the TV channel “112”).

After appointment to the post of Prime Minister on April 14 Groysman said that according to the undertaken obligations, Ukraine must ensure 100% compliance of tariffs for gas cost. “Low and economically unjustified tariffs is the field hard for corruption. It is tens-hundreds of billions that are earned by different people on these matters. When the gas for one category is worth 3 million, and another 7 thousand, I want to assure you that the write off for 3 thousand for the population and sell for 7. Earn huge billions”, — said Groisman on air “24 channel”.

Another increase in gas tariffs was implemented on 1 April the government of the previous Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. However, it did not do that caused concern of the International monetary Fund (IMF), which insisted on bringing tariffs in line with market realities.