Unknown splashed in the Bulk of the “blue chemical liquid”

In Moscow, opposition leader Alexei Navalny poured unknown liquid, he said the opposition leader in his blog. According to him, the attack took place at “the door of the office, the attackers were two. “One splashed some corrosive blue chemical liquid. Well, that in eyes has not got. And escape,” — said Navalny.

According to the oppositionist, he tried to catch up with the attackers in the Parking lot. “Then spat and went home to change clothes. The shirt had to be thrown out, now fighting for a backpack and a jacket, but, most likely, will lose”, — the politician wrote.

Video attack published Life. As writes the edition, the SERB members of the movement first tried to throw the cake in Bulk, however, they failed to do so and one of the men splashed in politics “liquid with a pungent odor”. Life thus refers to the story of the “young people”.

Navalny reminded that at the end of March in Novosibirsk, two unknown men threw a packet of cakes. In late February, unidentified persons threw him two cakes. Summer policy twice threw eggs in Novosibirsk.

The opposition leader also wrote that he was today, “in good company”, referring to the incident at the award ceremony of the contest “Man in history”, organized by Fund “memorial” in the cinema House. Unknown threw eggs and poured green paint of the participating children and guests.

As he wrote in his Facebook the human rights activist Irina Yasina, the writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya’s face filled in with green paint. She reported that bullies “hung St. George ribbons”, insulting those present at the event women.