In the government, a dispute arose because of the new pension reform

The meeting of the Russian tripartite Commission (RTK) on social-labour relationship suddenly ended the dispute officials because of the new pension reform, the materials of which the last few days been published by the media.

To the Commission under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets discussed the promotion of import substitution in industry and in rural areas, as well as the results of attracting foreign labour force in 2015. The issue of pension reform to raise was not planned, said a source in the government and party meetings. However, says a government source, one of the participants of the meeting asked the Minister about the status of the new pension reform and the proposals of the Ministry of Finance. On Thursday, “Vedomosti” wrote that the Ministry of Finance sent a letter with the concept of the reform in the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of labor has forwarded it to the government. In this letter, the Ministry, in particular, proposes to raise the retirement age to 65 years for men and women, to refuse payment of pensions to working pensioners, to increase the requirements for length of service for early retirement to teachers and doctors, to reduce the annual indexation of pensions.

Golodets responded to a very emotional issue, noting that there is a strategy of the pension reform, which all adhere to, and to the Ministry of Finance she asked to “make a formal statement that such a document (letter to the government) does not exist.” “The Ministry of Finance, please get in touch with their colleagues, to the end of RTK you could make an official statement because it is impossible,” — said Golodets, adding that the competence of the Ministry of Finance is generally not part of the reform of the pension system, and is responsible for the Ministry of labor. The Ministry of Finance today must “inform the public” on this issue, because “no one else not know about it,” she concluded.

At the tripartite Commission meeting attended by Deputy Minister of Finance Ilya Trunin, but he reacted very cautiously, noting that “had received instructions from his Minister not to comment on this issue.” “I can’t comment on that. How can I comment if I forbade”, he said. As Interfax reported, after criticism Golodets, Trunin held consultations by telephone with Siluanov, and then said: “actually, Mr Siluanov told me to tell you what is actually considered a completely different proposals, and as soon as they are ready and approved, they will be sent to the government.”

Assistant Finance Minister Svetlana Nikitina said that the Ministry’s position is as follows: the issue of pension reform is being discussed and it would be wrong to discuss not developed fully and taken out of the overall strategy of the proposal”. “Once the government is formed, the position on pension reform, we will describe and comment on all proposals, in part the responsibility of the Finance Ministry,” she said.

Press Secretary, Natalya Timakova also said that the ideas discussed for reform of the pension system are not official.”The government is discussing a lot of proposals that are prepared and in the social and in the financial-economic bloc. These documents become official only after entered to the government, and this happens after a meeting with the relevant Deputy Prime Minister. Such a meeting was not” — she said (quoted by “Interfax”). According to her, the government is “of materials between departments, that’s what’s being discussed today in the press”, no.

In the last few days appeared in the media appeared several flock about the coming pension reform. In addition to ideas of the Ministry of Finance became aware of the proposals for pension reform from the Ministry of labor and Ministry of economic development. The Ministry of labor proposes, in particular, the increase in tariffs of insurance contributions, increase the minimum seniority for pension insurance, loss of teachers, doctors and creative rights to early retirement and the abolition of the mandatory funded system. The Ministry of economic development proposes to reform the distribution part of the pension, reducing the transfers, payments and indexing, and storage — to return and to leave a required.