Nurofen manufacturer fined for misleading labels

British Reckitt Benckiser by the decision of the court must pay 1.7 million Australian dollars ($1.3 million) as a penalty, writes The Telegraph. The court came to the conclusion that the company misleads consumers about the effectiveness of the analgesic, producing packaging with marking specific types of pain (headaches, back pain, etc).

In December, the court found that, despite the different packaging, each medication contains the same amount of active substance is ibuprofen. In deciding on the penalty, the judge noted that the only negative effect for consumers was the financial aspect. According to the Australian competition Commission, the price of specialized Nurofen tablets were almost twice the cost of standard painkillers the same manufacturer.

Commenting on the decision of the court, the representative of Reckitt Benckiser explained that the company planned to introduce consumer confusion. He acknowledged that the manufacturer could do more to clarify the same the effectiveness of every pain medication.

Reckitt Benckiser is a British company that manufactures products for home care, health and personal care products. In the Reckitt Benckiser portfolio includes brands such as Calgon, Cillit Bang, Clearasil, Dettol, Dosia, Durex, Finish, Strepsils, Vanish, Veet, etc. the company’s Net profit in 2015 rose by 5% to £1,743 billion ($2.5 billion).