Poland refused to let the participants of the rally to the 71-th anniversary of Victory

The Russian foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Poland Katarzyna Pelczynska-Nałęcz in connection with the refusal of the Polish authorities to let into the country members of the group “Russian riders” who scheduled a rally to mark the 71st anniversary of the Victory. About it reported in a press-service of the Russian authorities.

The Ministry said that on April 28 the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland informed the Russian diplomats ‘ refusal to consent to the entry of bikers. The foreign Ministry said that Warsaw makes the decision for the second year in a row, “without bothering to cite any formal arguments for its justification.”

“We regard the failure of Warsaw, deprived group of the Russian citizens of the opportunity to pay tribute to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Europe from fascism as a particularly cynical and malicious gesture aimed at deliberate deterioration of Russian-Polish relations”, — said the Agency, noting that “special indignation causes that fact that the decision was taken after Moscow assisted the Warsaw in holding on to the territory of the Smolensk region activities associated with the anniversary of the Katyn tragedy and the catastrophe of the Polish presidential plane near Smolensk.

“In connection with the unfriendly actions of the Polish authorities on 29 April the Russian foreign Ministry had summoned the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the Russian Federation, which declared the resolute protest”, — said in the Ministry. The press service added that the decision of Warsaw “is a mockery over memory of victims in struggle against fascism”. “The responsibility for the inevitable negative consequences for bilateral relations of this defiant behavior Warsaw will be the Polish side”, — concluded the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Polish foreign Ministry in turn stated that the reason for the refusal was the desire of the authorities to ensure the protection of public order.

Later the correspondent of “Interfax” reported that Pelczynska-Nalecz arrived at the Ministry.

The rally “Roads of Victory in Berlin” is scheduled by the motorcycle club “Night wolves”. On Friday, April 29, the bikers started from the Moscow Bike center, they planned to travel through the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany and finish the trip in Berlin on 9 may. According to TASS, the Russian foreign Ministry was informed about the trip of the EU governments, in particular, the Polish foreign Ministry a note asking for help bikers was sent back in March.

A similar trip motorcyclists tried to implement in 2015, but then the Polish border guards refused to allow most of the bikers. Officially, the refusal of the Polish authorities explained the “lack of adequate, accurate information about the schedule of the group’s stay in Poland, the routes of movement and places of accommodation”.