The labor unions helped buy the sanatorium “foros” in the Crimea to bypass sanctions

The Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Tatarstan (PPRT) was purchased by the famous sanatorium complex “foros” in the Crimea, to the sponsors of this purchase avoided falling in the sanctions list of the USA and the European Union (EU). This was told by a source in the Executive Committee of the Federation of trade unions of Russia (FNPR; it includes FPRT) and a source close to the government of Tatarstan.

Economic sanctions were imposed against some Russian and Ukrainian citizens, which, in the opinion of the authorities of the EU and the US, were involved in destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. Western countries make their own stop-lists or freeze the assets only of certain officials or businessmen and their companies, but not public organizations, which are established by several hundreds of thousands of trade Union members

“Foros” is the most famous resort of the Crimea”, at this resort in Soviet times also was a state summer residence “the dawn” of the first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. It was there that Gorbachev was blocked during the coup of 1991 in Moscow. Sanatorium complex “foros” of the Republican trade unions bought 3 of February 2016. The Federation became the winner of open auction on sale of the sanatorium, the price was slightly more than 1.4 billion rubles.

How did social organization of RUB 1.4 billion for the purchase of the resort, the Federation of trade unions of Tatarstan refused to talk. Chairman FNPR Michael Shmakov has explained in an interview that the unions acted as operators with the purchase of “foros”, upon receipt of the funds from large regional companies. “What sort of company is — “KAMAZ”, “Tatneft”, the petrochemical industry [part of the group of companies “TAIF”], etc.,” he listed the leader of the FNPR. Shmakov does not hide his satisfaction with the deal, calling it “brilliant”.

And TAIF and “Tatneft”, “KAMAZ” enterprises are the cells of the unions affiliated to the FNPR. In “KAMAZ” his involvement in the purchase of “foros” is not confirmed. In “Tatneft” and “TAIF” requests are not answered.

On the sanctions to specific customers, if any, could insist billionaire Igor Kolomoisky, who belonged to the “foros” before he became a Russian, suggests the source of the FNPR Executive Committee. Right after that the Crimean authorities decided to nationalize the property supported the events on the Maidan billionaire. A source in the Executive Committee of the FNPR suggests that “sponsors” will dispose of “foros” under the contract of trust management which can be concluded by the trade unions.

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