The lawsuit apologized to Obama for fraud with the tests

Volkswagen’s CEO Matthias Muller this week had a two-minute conversation with President Barack Obama during his visit to Hanover, during which he personally apologized for the fraud of the company in conducting tests on emissions of harmful substances. This itself Mueller said Thursday, April 28, at a press conference in Wolfsburg, writes The New York Times.

“I used the opportunity to apologize to him for my behavior. I thanked him for the constructive cooperation with American officials. Of course, I also expressed the hope that I will be able to continue to be responsible for all 600 thousand workers and their families, as well as suppliers and dealers,” said Mueller.

The NYT notes that the mention of the families of employees of Volkswagen Muller made based on the fact that the us government will not punish those who were not directly associated with any violations.

Now Volkswagen is in talks with US authorities about the fines that the automaker has to pay for fraud with the tests. On Thursday, the company announced that it has earmarked €7 billion ($7.9 billion) in costs in courts around the world, making it clear that hopes for lower fines in America than analysts estimated, writes NYT.

At the suit of the justice Department, filed in January 2016, Volkswagen faces a fine of up to $46 billion for violation of environmental legislation. In addition, in March more than 270 institutional investors from around the world submitted to avtoproyzvodytely sued for withholding information about the harmful exhausts by €3.3 billion At the end of March to the court on the Volkswagen filed a Federal trade Commission.

The scandal surrounding diesel cars Volkswagen broke out in the early fall of 2015, when the Agency for environmental protection of the United States stated that the manufacturer installed on the car software, allows you to test the level of emission of harmful substances. The Department has determined that as a result, the emission of harmful substances Volkswagen cars with diesel engines could exceed the established norm in 40 times.