The wife of the head of the security service of Putin earned more than all the FSO, the FSB and SVR

The richest in the security services

The leadership of the Federal security service, foreign intelligence Service and Federal security service reported income for 2015. As follows from the declarations published on agencies ‘ websites, most of the intelligence personnel and members of their families, published data on income, earned wife of the head of the security service of President Dmitry Kochnev. Its revenue in 2015 amounted to 58.1 mln RUB. In 2014, she declared 24.2 million RUB.

As follows from the document that owns the land (2339 sq. m), residential house is 328.5 sq. m), guest house (104,9 sq. m), four apartments with a total area of 351,7 sqm, two Parking spaces, garage, gazebo and carport. Her husband earned 3.7 million rubles, he owned only one apartment with an area of 101,7 sq. m. there are no publicly available data on the biography of Dmitry Kochneva and the name of his wife.

Director, FSO Evgeny Murov in 2015, earned 10.6 million RUB, his income has slightly changed compared to 2014. In Murov still two plots of land, two houses and an apartment, but their size is changed. For example, the Declaration of last year, the largest area was an area of 7000 square meters, and in 2015 — 7422 sq. m. His wife got rid of 1000 sq m and bought an apartment (297 sq m). Just the ownership of the wife Murov four apartments and four Parking spaces.

First Deputy of Director FSO Oleg klymentyev has increased its income by five times compared to 2014, and declared 21.2 million RUB From Declaration disappeared the plot area of 1500 sq. m apartment (82.9 sq. m.).

In total, the leadership of the FSO and their families have earned for 2015 126 million rubles.

The income of the FSB and SVR

The Director of the Federal security service Alexander Bortnikov, 2015, has declared an income of almost 11.6 million rubles., slightly less than in 2014. The head of the FSB, still owns the apartment area of 99 sqm, a garage and two Parking spaces. Spouse Bortnikov earned about 258 thousand RUB it in property is an apartment of 115 square meters, a residential house (150 sq m) and phase (1198 m).

Most of the staff of intelligence service in 2015 earned first Deputy Director Sergei Smirnov. His income amounted to almost 24.4 mln RUB. In 2014, he received 6.7 million rubles As stated in the Declaration, income Smirnova has increased, including through the sale of the apartment: Deputy Director of the FSB sold the apartment with an area of 128.6 sq. m.

Another Deputy Bortnikov, Vladimir Kulishov indicated an income of almost 6 billion roubles, state Secretary of the FSB, head of the Chalk — 5.6 million rubles., Deputy Director Alexander Kupryazhkin — 7.6 million rubles, the head of the National antiterrorism Committee Igor Sirotkin — 4.1 million rubles.

In total the FSB has declared for 2015 60.8 million RUB.

Reported on their income and the management of the foreign intelligence Service. As follows from the Declaration of the Director of the Department Mikhail Fradkov, he earned 20.3 million RUB. This is 1.8 million rubles less in comparison with 2014. In Fradkov was the land (10030 sq. m), giving (by 301.7 sq. m), apartment (587,6 square meters) and two Parking spaces.

Only the leadership of the RAF pointed out as the income of 26.5 million rubles.