United Russia functionary fired for forcing state employees to primaries

United Russia dismissed the head of Ruzsky of the Executive Committee of the party Vyacheslav Dyachkov. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Federal organizing Committee on carrying out of early voting on Friday.

He had previously sent letters to the heads of villages, members of local political Council of the party in which he asked the heads of local settlements to ensure the attendance of the forum branch called “register”, dedicated to the mobilization campaign ahead of the primaries. The text of the letter was published in . He himself confirmed the authenticity of the letter, explain that all heads of urban and rural settlements and people, the attendance of which he asked to provide, are members of “United Russia”.

Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov confirmed at the meeting on 29 April that the head of the Executive Committee branch of the party in the Ruza district (Moscow oblast), Vyacheslav Dyachkov really sent these letters sent letters not only to party members.

On the party’s letterhead parafunctional issued a Directive to the heads of the settlements — the members of the party to ensure the attendance at the event employees of budgetary institutions, he added. “And then there are publications which States that in the primaries people will almost catch up with the strength to provide in the same way turnout”, — noticed Neverov.

The heads of the settlements or districts that are members of the party, it is unacceptable to send out a letter with installations to ensure the turnout, reacted on Friday Neverov. According to him, such administrative intervention in a preliminary vote discrediting party and the procedure itself.

Informed sources in the party said that leaders of local branches “an United Russia” has received from his superiors the order to ensure on the day of the party primaries (may 22) attendance of not less than 10% of the total number of Russian voters.

“It is important not how many people will come to polling stations is the task of every candidate to lead its supporters. But it is important to see who people support, then to form a list of party candidates, which has enlisted the support of our citizens”, — explained in Friday Neverov.

The leadership of “United Russia” earlier expected in the primaries will be attended by many Russians. In September last year the Secretary Neverov said that he expects the turnout at 10-15% of the total electorate.

United Russia started primaries on the first stage of its pre-election Congress in early February. According to the preliminary results of voting should be determined by the people that will be included in the election list of the ruling party. Now candidates perform at the debates and communicate with voters, and the preliminary vote in all regions will be held on the same day — 22 may.