Media reported about the plans of NATO to shift 4,000 people to the border with Russia

According to the publication The Wall Street Journal, citing Western officials in Poland and the Baltic countries it is planned to deploy four battalions of up to 4,000 people. It is expected that two battalions will give the US, one from UK and Germany.

Information about the plans of NATO to strengthen the Eastern border of the Alliance was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of defence of the USA Robert Wark, who visited Brussels. In an interview with the WSJ the transfer of additional forces, he explained numerous military exercises with the participation of a large number of soldiers that Russia spends on its borders. According to him, NATO is regarded as “extremely provocative behavior”.

The NATO foreign Ministers in February approved the basic principles of placing additional forces in Eastern Europe, but diplomats claimed that the specific figures were announced.

It is noted that important in Brussels believe the part in German operations battalion, given the fact that public opinion in Germany does not support this idea – the latest survey of the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that about 50% of Germans do not support the plans to establish NATO bases in Eastern Europe.

It is assumed that the German military will go to Lithuania, but the final decision about where will be placed the soldiers of the Bundeswehr is still pending.