Shot down over Belgrade pilot nominated for the post of head of staff of the U.S. air force

According to the publication Air Force News, Goldfin, whose candidacy was supported by President Barack Obama, if approved, will replace the July 1, Mark Walsh, as head of staff of the air force.

In favor Goldfine spoke and the commander of the air force Deborah Lee James. According to her, the General has the experience and vision needed in the context of global challenges. Among its positive sides James called the ability to build relationships, military experience, and critical thinking. “There is no better candidate to lead our pilots in the era of the dominance of air forces”, – she said.

The final decision on the appointment Goldfine have to take the Senate.

Goldfin has 4200 RAID on various combat aircraft. He participated in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 1999, the F-16 aircraft, which was ruled by Goldfin, was shot down by a missile air defense systems in the skies over Belgrade. The pilot ejected, was able on earth to hide from Serbian soldiers and was eventually removed from the country by American commandos. The helicopter, which took out Goldfine, fired from the ground, but still managed to cross the Serbian border. Goldfin later told reporters that every year sends paratroopers who saved his bottle of expensive whiskey.