Breedlove called for greater US intelligence in the Russian direction

Chief of the armed forces of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove said that the U.S. has insufficient funds use technical intelligence to gather information about the Russian Armed forces. In his opinion, the US needs to focus their technical capabilities on “the growing military power of Moscow”. He told about it in interview to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

“We see that Russia has not accepted the outstretched hand of partnership, but chose the path of militancy,” said the General. “We need to redefine the goal to which we go,” Breedlove said.

The General believes that the US should use more technical means of reconnaissance such as satellites, to follow the movement of military units and camps on preparation of terrorists, but to focus, he said, should be primarily on the threats from Russia.

The magazine says that Breedlove, whose term on the post of the commander of NATO forces in Europe expires in may 2016, one of the architects of the doctrine of strengthening the NATO presence in Eastern Europe after the operation on the accession of Crimea to Russia and the start of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

In late March, Breedlove offered to return to Europe a reconnaissance aircraft U-2, which must see “for a resurgent and aggressive Russia.” According to him, the spy planes U-2, which is one of the “means of additional intelligence needed to effectively counter the “increased threat from Moscow” after several years of decline of us military assets in Europe.

Breedlove also noted that the United States began to increase the number of intelligence analysts working on the Russian direction. He noted that at the peak in the height of the cold war in the analytical departments of the intelligence center for the study of Russia worked about 13 thousand experts, and only three years ago these analysts were only 1 thousand

In April, Breedlove said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has created a strong army. “He [Putin] has created a good army. Did you see his air force to Syria, where they are tested. He has also made a powerful missile potential long-range missiles launched from ships and submarines. He created an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and showed what we have achieved in the Crimea and the Donbass”, — said the General.

Breedlove added that the deployment of NATO forces in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States demonstrates the Alliance’s presence in the region. “If Putin looks across the border, he realizes that it is NATO, not this or that individual country, and if he gets out of line, he will face all of NATO,” — said the commander in chief.