The President of Finland has stated the need for a referendum on NATO membership

Finland and Sweden will jointly make the decision about joining NATO, told the broadcaster Yle, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. “We don’t have that automatic connection that if one decides, the other will do the same,” said the President, adding that, “on the contrary, it seems that the decision-making process is very complicated.” He noted that accession of Finland to NATO would require a referendum.

The President also stressed that Russia sees the Alliance as a threat. “They [Russia] don’t want the threat has spread to their borders,” he said.

Speaking about his vision of the situation, Niinistö said that he believes that the need to change current policy no.

In January it became known that Finland will assess the possibility of joining NATO. For this purpose, a Commission was established, which consisted of the former Finnish Ambassador to Sweden, mats Bergquist, head of the Finnish Institute of international relations of agriculture and the environment teye, former Ambassador of Finland in Russia and Germany, rené Nyberg and the President of the International Institute for strategic studies and the Geneva centre for security policy françois Heisbourg.

Two days ago Reuters reported that the Commission made the report, according to which the membership of Finland in NATO will strengthen the security of the country, however, will lead to a serious crisis in relations with Russia and will harm economic relations between the two countries.

The document does not contain recommendations about whether or not Helsinki to join the Alliance, however, noted that the joint Finnish-Swedish application for membership “would be a better strategic option than the entry of these countries separately.