Durov commented on the reports about Google’s plans to buy Telegram

The information that Telegram founder Pavel Durov has discussed the possibility of selling the messenger of Google, is “hearing”. About this Durov announced on April 29 in his Twitter account.

In the first “tweet” the businessman gave a link to the material Fortune, is based on materials from the publication “the Secret” and titled “Google was negotiating to purchase the Telegram” (at this point the title changed to “Telegram denies reports of talks with Google”). “It is strange that Fortune trust *** (obscene word omitted. — ) history of low grade blog. We never had any talks about the merger and do not plan,” — wrote Durov. In the second message Durov appealed to the author of the article in Fortune by David Meyer: “So you waited on our review of the 50 minutes and decided to publish a rumor? I’m sorry, I was in a meeting”.

In the updated version of material Fortune, there were official comments from Google and Telegram. The American company magazine said that “does not comment on rumors and speculation”. Press Secretary Telegram’s Markus RA was more “straight”: all the media reports he called “complete nonsense”, stressing that does not mean the details and all the information as a whole, according to Fortune.

To the question , did Durova offer from Google to sell Telegram for $1 billion, given two days ago, the founder of the Telegram was not answered. Comments in the “Secret”, the entrepreneur noted that “on cooperation Telegram and Google of the question”. In November 2015, the businessman told the paper that evaluates the Telegram in $3-4 billion, based on including received offers from potential investors.

“The secret” on April 28 reported, citing a source close to Telegram, and several investors in the venture capital market, Google messenger Durov estimated at least in $1 billion Talks in may 2015 held at the initiative of Google, the founder of Telegram personally met the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, claimed the sources of “Secret”. The American company wanted to “discuss the market messengers and their prospects in this market”, pointed the edition.

Two friends Durov confirmed that Google Telegram was estimated at $1 billion, and also said that the American company was considering the purchase of Telegram. The Durov offer American corporations are not staged, said one of the interlocutors .

Durov Telegram was founded in 2013. The content of the project costs him not less than $1 million per month, the cost covers the owner from personal funds (according to Forbes magazine, the sale of its stake in “Vkontakte” Durov has earned about $300 million). Durov said that the messenger will remain free, and the monetization of the service may occur due to the development of platforms for external developers. In February 2016 the number of active users Telegram exceeded 100 million per month.