Durov said about incriminate intelligence to cracking Talegram opposition

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that the security services put pressure on operators to gain access to correspondence of opposition. Thus on the website of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, he commented on reports activist Oleg Kozlovsky and officer of the Fund of struggle against corruption of George Alborov that their accounts have been hacked in the Telegram, and receiving SMS messages is disabled.

“The bottom line: apparently, the security services of Russia decided to start to put pressure on the operators, so that they began to intercept the authorization sms code. Usually this is found only in the framework of the cannibalistic, don’t care about their reputation modes — Central Asia, sometimes middle East. But suddenly happened in Russia (if, of course, to cut off the corruption within MTS, in the case of opposition journalists is unlikely),” — wrote Durov.

However, he noted that it is best in a situation he figured Kozlovsky. In his Facebook activist wrote that in the night of Friday, the Department of technological safety, MTS has disabled him from service delivery of SMS-messages, and then — 15 minutes later — someone with a Unix console at the IP address on one server anonymizer Tor sent in the Telegram a request to authorize a new device with a phone number Kozlovsky. He was sent an SMS with a code, which has not been delivered because the service for him was disconnected.

Then, the attacker entered the authorization code and got the access account activist in the Telegram. “The main question is, how unknown persons have gained access to the code that was sent to SMS but not delivered. Unfortunately, I have only one version: using system SORM directly or through the Department of technical safety of MTS (for example, on a call from the “competent authorities”),” — said the activist.

According to him, likewise was hacked account Alborov.

That his account was hacked Telegram, the activist said the morning after the incident in his Twitter. At the same time, the attackers gained access to the Telegram and officer of the Fund of struggle against corruption of George Alborov, what he also said in his microblog.

The representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov said that “deliberate” action to disable SMS messages was not. “Any purposeful action on disabling the services was not made, information about the service is terminated by employee MTS are not true,” he said.

The company did not rule out that it could be a viral attack. Or, say there that the account access was obtained through a web interface.