In Odessa, the police found a grenade near the site of the memorial service for the victims of may 2

As reports the edition “Duma”, a package of grenades was discovered in the underpass near the railway station of Odessa and the square Kulikovo field, where a memorial service for those killed on may 2, 2014.

Exactly the discovery of grenades at the interior Ministry explained the overlap area. As said the head of the regional police Department Giorgi Lortkipanidze, around 8 am, it was reported that Kulikovo field was mined, and a bundle of grenades managed to find in the course of the audit.

Lortkipanidze said that the police and the bomb squad re-check the House of trade unions and the adjacent neighborhood, asking citizens to be sensitive to this.

According to recent reports, police and National guard soldiers are still not allowed people to the House of trade unions, where the local people want to lay flowers.

Earlier it was reported that on Monday, government buildings, Kulikovo field, as well as the Cathedral square were taken under special protection by police and special forces soldiers.

2 may marks two years since the riots in Odessa. Then as a result of fighting in the city centre and a fire in the House of trade unions killed 48 people. An official investigation into the deaths is still not completed.