Trump has accused China of “raping” US

Speaking at a rally in Indiana, trump said that China is manipulating the yuan has improved its positions for its exports, which negatively affects the position of American business, reports “bi-Bi-si”. “We cannot allow China to continue to rape our country. We must change the situation, and we have to do all the cards in hand”, — said the candidate of the Republican party.

According to trump, China should immediately declare “monetary machination” and make him change the Renminbi, which in the opinion of trump is much too low for the sake of foreign economic benefits.

The presidential candidate noted that angry not so much at China, how many American leaders who are “highly incompetent”.

Previously, trump said that China respects strength and said that if he wins he will put economic pressure on Beijing. According to the billionaire, it will help to resolve including the issue of the DPRK.

Trump mentions China in many of his speeches, every time blaming Beijing’s economic problems on the United States.