Loss “RUSNANO” has grown in 13 times

JSC “RUSNANO” in the first quarter of 2016 worsened their financial performance, should be published in a reporting Corporation, the company. The revenue of “RUSNANO” for three months of the year amounted to 1.4 billion roubles — almost twice less than in the same period of 2015. Net loss of the Corporation’s year-on-year rose more than in 13 times — from 360.6 million rubles to 4.8 billion RUB Long-term liabilities “Rosnano” for January—March decreased by 4% to 127 billion rubles, short-term — increased by almost 22% to 19.5 billion rubles. the representatives of the “RUSNANO” was unable to immediately answer the question , what caused the decline in revenue and profit in the first quarter of 2016.

At a press conference devoted to results of work of the group of “RUSNANO”, JSC “RUSNANO” and the criminal code “Rosnano” in 2015, the Chairman of the Board of the company Anatoly Chubais stressed: Corporation for the second year in a row was profitable. In 2015, the group’s net profit reached nearly 17 billion roubles that almost twice more than in 2014, followed from the annual accounts. The revenue of the Corporation “Rosnano” in 2015 amounted to RUB 7.2 billion is 6% higher than a year earlier.

The key drivers of profit growth were the increase in the value of the Fund’s portfolio and the sale of certain assets, wrote. The total value of the assets of the group in 2015 rose by 18.6%, to 227,7 billion rubles, the assessment of the investment portfolio by 23% to 138 billion rubles. “We do not hide in the past year, our revenue has largely been associated with changes in the exchange rate. This year the situation has changed”, — said Chubais. He said that “ahead of a difficult situation.”

On 25 April, the audit chamber of Russia (SP) published a report of the auditor Tatyana Manuilova on the audit of JSC “RUSNANO” in the period 2010-2015 (the full text of the report, the Agency not shown), wrote. In particular, the joint venture recognized half of the investment projects of the Corporation are inefficient — the costs of state-owned companies at the exit of them brought a loss in the amount of RUR 13.1 bln In projects where spending exceeded revenues, the funds amounted to government guarantees — in the amount of RUB 7.7 bn Targets “were not achieved, and inefficient implementation”, considered in the audit Department. Also the JV has approached the government with a proposal to ban the payment of premiums, bonuses and other remuneration to the management of UK “RUSNANO” out of the money, secured by state guarantees. For two years, “Rosnano” has spent on the payment of a “fee for success” on unprofitable projects 25,4 million rubles.

In “Rosnano” after the publication of the report of the auditor promised to “make a plan to address deficiencies”. In particular, Chubais admitted that “in the form, which previously acted, it was wrong” and that the company already has changed the rules for payment of premiums to stimulate not a lack of income, and receive it “even at unprofitable projects”. This is necessary to motivate professionals, said the head of “RUSNANO”.