Obama urged Americans not to cede the Pacific to China

President Barack Obama gave the keynote article about the TRANS-Pacific partnership (Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement which 12 countries-participants signed in October 2015, however, the struggle for the ratification of which is still in Congress. The article was published in the Washington Post.

In it the US President urged not to give leadership in establishing rules for international trade to China and speed up the ratification of the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership. Obama said that increased trade in this area of the world due to TPP would be a boon for American business and American workers and would provide an advantage over the main competitor — China.

“The world has changed. The rules are changing along with it. The United States, and not countries such as China, must write them. Let us seize this opportunity and adopt the agreement concerning the TRANS-Pacific partnership”, said the President of the United States in the final lines of his address.

Obama recalled that last week the representatives of China and 15 other countries met in Australia in order to develop an agreement on regional Comprehensive economic partnership (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP). He noted that this agreement will not prevent unfair competition with subsidized governments state enterprises. It is, said the President of the United States, will not protect a free and open Internet and will not protect the intellectual property standards so that American creators and entrepreneurs get credit for their products.

In addition, RCEP, said Obama, will not provide nor maintain the high standards for “our workers” nor the preservation of the environment.

The President acknowledged that he understands the skepticism towards new trade agreements in the context of globalization, especially in cities, where due to the development of automation has reduced the number of jobs. “But building a wall to isolate itself from the global economy, will only isolate us from the incredible opportunities that this economy provides. Instead of isolation, America needs to write the rules. America needs to be headed. Other countries must play by the rules, which will set America and our partners, and not Vice versa,” urged Obama.