The commander of NATO called the positive side of Putin’s rule

A big part of the adopted Russian Supreme leadership decisions are aimed at maintaining the regime changes, if they occur, will not necessarily be for the better, says the commander of U.S. and NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove. He stated this in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

According to the General, the top leadership of Russia is now accepted not just Vladimir Putin, but he headed a tight group of people who confidently controls the mood of the people and, apparently, will be able to do it some time, writes the WSJ. However, the head of this group is just Putin that, as suggested by Breedlove, is not the worst possible option.

“We’re not sure we would have been in a better situation if Mr. Putin was not. He is probably the most sane person in this group. This is a very strong leader, surrounded by a close group decision-making people. And we are not sure that the situation will improve, if suddenly there will be changes”, — said Breedlove.

The commander of NATO forces in Europe also noted the importance of understanding the views, of which the current leadership of Russia proceeds in its foreign policy. According to Breedlove, the main thing here is the disagreement with the way it changed the rules of the game, while Russia itself was weak. “Now all their actions are directed on to the world stage they were viewed as equals,” explained Breedlove.

American General also commended the progress of Russia in the military sphere. According to Breedlove, many of the problems that undermined the combat capability of the Russian army during the military confrontation with Georgia in 2008, have now been concluded.

“We should not portray them as if they rise ten feet, because it isn’t, and if we are going to overestimate them, we will lose confidence. But I will say this, maybe they are ten feet tall, but certainly close to seven”, — said Breedlove.

Earlier, Breedlove said, that during his reign, Putin has created a strong army. “He [Putin] has created a good army. Did you see his air force to Syria, where they are tested. He has also made a powerful missile potential long-range missiles launched from ships and submarines. He created an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and showed what we have achieved in the Crimea and the Donbass”, — said the General in April 2016.

In this regard, Breedlove stressed the importance of the placement of NATO forces in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. “If Putin looks across the border, he realizes that it is NATO, not this or that individual country, and if he gets out of line, he will face all of NATO,” — said the commander in chief.

Breedlove powers on a post of the commander of NATO forces in Europe expires in may 2016, it will be replaced by General Curtis, turns over command for regional, which until now held the position of commander of American forces in Korea, where he distinguished himself for his tough statements on the DPRK.