Donald trump has won primaries in Indiana

According to the publication Politico, after counting 5% of the votes trump has secured the support of more than 54%. He was noticeably ahead of his main rival Ted Cruz, whose 33%. In third place, Ohio Governor John Kasic, which is less than 10%.

Gaining more than 50%, trump will get 57 delegates from Indiana to the Republican national Convention. Thus the total amount he has already received the support 1041 delegate. If the billionaire would bring their number up to 1237, it will be implicitly promoted to the post of President of the United States from the Republican party. As reported by Reuters, for this purpose it will be enough to win in California and new Jersey.

In the Democratic primary in Indiana seized the lead of Hillary Clinton who received over 52%. Her opponent, Bernie Sanders – a little less than 48%.

Election campaign in Indiana was accompanied by the candidates ‘ attacks on each other. So, trump said that father Cruz was associated with the killer of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. In addition, the billionaire called his rival a liar and in response to the statement by Cruz that he will surely win the elections in Indiana, advised him to stop wasting money and drop out of the race.

Cruz in turn has accused rival narcissism and inability to tell the truth.