Russian international Bank called the amount of funds stolen by hackers

Hacker attack in January 2016 cost the Russian international Bank (RMB) in 508,67 million roubles – such sum has been debited from the correspondent account of Bank in the Central Bank resulting from unauthorized access, follows from the report of the Bank for the year 2015. The document notes that most of the stolen funds Bank was able to recover.

“As a result of active work with the Bank of Russia and banks-counterparties the amount of the returned funds amounted to 336 million rubles the Balance was $ 131,877 million rubles, which is 2% of the capital”, – emphasized in the RMB report. The Bank noted that continued work on the refund.

That hackers managed to produce “several thousand write-offs of cash” with the correspondent accounts of RMB, the President of the Bank Grigory Afanasyev said the portal Banks.<url> January 21, 2016. Fixing “unusual activity”, the specialists of the RMB has sounded the alarm, after which the Bank was disconnected from the electronic payment system of the Central Bank and its correspondent account blocked, said the banker. However, by that time the hackers managed to withdraw some of the money to accounts in dozens of banks and later transferred to the accounts of legal entities and individuals. the Exact amount stolen from the Bank’s funds was not called.

On the fact of embezzlement of funds of RMB 25 Mar 2016 a criminal case was opened under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal code (“Fraud committed by an organized group or in especially large size”). The maximum penalty for this offence is ten years imprisonment with fines of up to 1 million rubles.

In the report RMB notes that following the investigation into a hacker attack in the Bank held “measures to strengthen information security, including acquired specialized software to identify anomalous network activity”.

In late February, another victim of hackers has become a Metallinvestbank. With its correspondent accounts, the fraudsters managed to get 200 million rubles., but much of the stolen Bank was able to save. “As a result of the Bank actions, writing off the funds from his correspondent account was avoided, part of the funds was returned to the banks that received funds,” the Bank said in March 2016.

Later the company Group-IB, which investigates computer crimes, said that from August 2015 to February 2016 hackers using the virus Buhtrap made 13 successful attacks on Russian banks, which resulted in the kidnapped 1.8 billion rubles.