The auditor warned the Bank Rotenberg about the threat of tax claims

SMP Bank, controlled by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, earned for the year 2015 to 40.8 billion roubles of net profit under international reporting standards (IFRS), it follows from the published report. In 2014, the Bank had a net loss of 49 billion rubles.

However, auditor KPMG wrote in its opinion that SMP Bank may incur additional tax liabilities for 2013 and 2014 (that is, he will have to pay taxes) due to the fact that they rehabilitated Mosoblbank concealed in reporting the real amount of deposits. These “contingent tax liabilities”, the Bank is not disclosed in the financial statements and has not determined their size, pointed out by the auditor.

“This item is a formality of the auditor. No real risk for him the group does not have”, — says the official representative of SMP Bank Nikita Faces.

How to write “Vedomosti”, in October 2009, when the Central Bank ordered the Mosoblbank to restrict the acceptance of deposits, the Bank’s owner Andrzej Malczewski instructed to develop a scheme that allows you to bypass the restrictions and hide the real volume of deposits in the reporting. As a result, the son of the owner of Mosoblbank Alexander Malczewski and head of the Board of Bank Victor Yanin has created the so-called VIP-a Department that officially, the Bank did not exist, noted the publication. This Department was engaged in that collected deposits, without showing them on the balance sheet.

The money was transferred to accounts in other firms associated with owners of the Bank, wrote “Vedomosti”. These companies have formed the income on which may be assessed additional tax.

Izmailovo district court of Moscow has sentenced eks-the owner of Mosoblbank Andrzej Malczewski, as well as former top managers of Viktor and Yulia Yanina Sedini. They all got a real time. Malczewski was sentenced to four years in a General regime colony. Janina, who held the position of Chairman of the Board, to three and a half years, and his assistant Sedino to three years in prison. Janina had previously sentenced to six years for causing Bank damage at RUB 578 million For the totality of the punishment he received seven years.

21 may 2014 SMP Bank carries out the rehabilitation of Mosoblbank. A controlling stake in SMP Bank belongs to the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

The auditor also questioned the quality of the loans in the amount of RUB 1.9 billion and was unable to assess the likelihood of their return. In addition, KPMG pointed to the fact that SMP-Bank is not assessed at fair value unquoted equity securities in the amount of 2.34 billion RUB In the reporting Bank has indicated that we are talking about shares in companies from the oil and gas and investment sectors, and real estate. The Bank insists that the estimate of these shares is impossible, the auditor does not agree.