The Board “the Russian capital” has earned twice despite the loss

Five members of the Board of Bank “Russian capital”, headed by Mikhail Kuzovlev at the end of last year received 138,8 million rubles as a reward, which is two times more payments to previous management for 2014. Then eight members of the Board received at all 69.8 million RUB.

Total remuneration senior management of the Bank made 199,3 million rubles, and 70% of these funds paid to Board members. Besides the Board, management considers the Bank’s chief accountant and his deputies, heads and chief accountants of the branches (eight of them) and their deputies.

The Bank has received in 2015, the net loss of 12.6 billion rubles against a profit of RUB 139,4 million in 2014. Moreover, in 2015 the Bank had negative net interest income (minus 1.1 billion rubles.): he paid interest on borrowed funds more than they earn on loans. In 2014, this was not: then the Bank show net interest income of RUB 4.2 billion, But in 2015 “the Russian capital” has increased the administrative expenses by almost 1 billion to 4.2 billion rubles.

“The Russian capital” from 2009 is in the process of rehabilitation, sanatorium itself acts ASV. Because of this, the Bank is entitled not to comply with certain standards and requirements of the regulator to “normal” banks.

In 2015, the “Russian capital” was replaced by the Board: to replace the team headed by Dmitry Eropkinym came the command of Mikhail Kuzovlev, who transferred from a part of the group VTB Bank of Moscow.

Along with Kuzovleva of the Bank of Moscow in the Board “the Russian capital” have moved Vladimir Voeikov, Michael birch and Vladimir Sobolev. Also, the Board includes a former top Manager of “Rostelecom” Sergey Lukash, whose task in the same place of work included working with troubled and non-core assets.

The concept of the existence of “Russian capital” is still not defined. While he was engaged in the financial recovery of troubled banks, if any of them is not another nursing home, and as long as such is not found.

One of the main tasks “the Russian capital” now — that of financial rehabilitation development companies “SU-155”, the Bank makes the decision of the government. As it is told in the reporting “the Russian capital”, it is assumed that Bank will provide financing for the completion of projects: on the completion of the required 39 billion rubles of the Company “SU-155” it is necessary to fulfill obligations to 27 thousand buyers in 15 regions.

awaiting comments of the press service of “Russian capital”, the press service of” DIA.