At the rehearsal of the Victory parade showed s-400

The newest system With-400 “Triumph” was held as part of the parade columns through red square in the night from 5 for may 6, reports. This means that anti-missile system will take part in the may 9 Victory day parade.

The manufacturer of the s-400 Almaz-Antey” has said that “Triumph” will appear on the holiday in Moscow because of cost considerations. “In 2016, in order to save money the decision was made to reduce the number of vehicles participating in the ceremony. In this regard, AAMS With-400 “Triumph” is excluded from the front columns in Moscow”, — stated in the message press service of the concern from April 18.

Later “Almaz-Antey” has denied the reason for the lack of the machine. “We are not talking about any economy, participation in the upcoming parade on red square Moscow s-400 “Triumph” was not originally planned”, — reported in the updated message of the press service of the concern. Anti-aircraft missile complex for the first time will take part in the Victory parade in St. Petersburg, said earlier the head of press service ZVO Colonel Igor Muginov. Also it was planned to show in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

For the first time the complex “Triumph” passed on the cobblestones of red square on may 9, 2009. Then SAM was shown four who were in a convoy together with an earlier version of s-300 “Favorit”.

S-400 “Triumph” long-range anti-aircraft missile system, carrier is armed with several types of missiles. The complex was developed by NPO “Almaz” in the early 2000-ies. The first division entered service in 2007. In January 2016, the Russian military has 25 battalions of s-400 is 200 launchers of this type.

In 2016, the defense Ministry said the parade 10 thousand military personnel, 71 aircraft and a helicopter and about 100 units of ground equipment. The total amount of the tenders announced by 30 April for the celebrations on the occasion of may 9, amounted to 209,7 million rubles.