Five questions for investigation: what we found out about the murder in Syzran

Five questions for investigation: what we found out about the murder in Syzran

In the case of the murder of Hosta and five members of his family appeared first defendant, who has declared his innocence. They Mahmadali Akhmadov, who on Wednesday, may 4, was arrested in the capital’s Domodedovo airport.

Family Gosta was killed on the night of 24 April in the village Ivashevo Syzransky district of Samara region. According to investigators, police and his relatives were killed in their sleep — the criminals beat them to death with wooden sticks. In the only surviving niece of a COP born in 2009, which is still in the hospital.

The investigating Committee took less than two weeks to solve the case, which is the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin called the “second Kuschevka”. On 4 may, the consequence was charged under articles “murder of two and more persons” “attempt at murder juvenile” and “robbery” (item “a, f, h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code, part 3 of article 30 and paragraphs “a, b, W, h” of part 2 of article 105, part 4 of article 162 of the criminal code) four suspects. Three out of four of the detainees admitted the guilt and told about selfish goals.

Why the investigators did not recognize the Syzran ‘second Kuschevka”?

Who are the defendants?

In addition to Akhmadov, the defendants in the case were Islam Babayev, Orkhan of Zohrabov and novel Fataliyev. It is known that Babayev said that Zohrabov and Fataliyev were natives of Azerbaijan, Ahmadov — a citizen of Tajikistan. What they were doing in Russia and how long have moved to the country, was not reported. With Gostom, according to investigators, the defendants were not familiar.

Babayev, Zohrabova and Fatalieva police detained 30 April and 1 may. As a result of the RAID, two of the defendants in the case were arrested in apartments, one on the street.

Akhmadov was in the hands of investigators after he flew from Dushanbe to Moscow. The Ministry of the interior asserts that Akhmadov himself came to the Ministry and said that, according to Russian media reports, he is suspected of murder. “He said he was not involved in this serious crime and to prove his words, ready to return to that country”, — is spoken in the Department message, received by the editors .

In the Ministry of the interior stressed that not began to arrest Akhmadov, because they had not received a corresponding request from the Russian colleagues. Akhmadov when it came to the Ministry, whether he traveled from Tajikistan in recent years, and when he returned, the interior Ministry said.

Shipping police officers detained on suspicion in Commission of murder of Andrey Gosta and his family in Syzransky district court of the Samara region, on 2 may 2016. Photo: Nicholas Khizhnyak/RIA Novosti

Russian law enforcement authorities present a different version of what happened. Head of Samara Department of internal Affairs, General-Lieutenant Sergey Solodovnikov at a briefing on Wednesday, may 4, told reporters that the day of the murder Akhmadov at about 13:00 left the station Syzran to Moscow, where on April 25 I flew to Tajikistan. According to Solodovnikov, he was caught on Tuesday, may 3, when he tried to cross the Tajik-Afghan border.

Later, the representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin said that the employees of the main Department of criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Akhmadov was detained at Domodedovo airport where he arrived on a flight “Dushanbe-Moscow”. As noted Markin, on may 3, employees of the interior Ministry of Tajikistan has established that the suspect intends to go to Moscow. Why escaped the alleged offender has decided to return, in the Russian pravoohranitelnyh the bodies is not explained.

Relatives of another defendant, who pleaded guilty Novel Fatalieva, announced the availability of an alibi. Father Rauf Fataliyev said that his son the night of the murder was at home. And the sister of Elmira defendant claims that during interrogation it was pressure. Investigators said that unable for several days to hold her, and then moved on to direct threats and promised that he would start to strangle the girl if she did not confess that he knew about the crime, says Fatalieva.

What was the motive?

The Investigative Committee worked out three possible versions of the murder, said Markin, without specifying which ones. Interlocutors in law enforcement bodies of the region and among entrepreneurs Syzran noted that the death of Hosta may be associated with fight against of tie-in pipelines and underground refineries, against illegal trade and smuggling of alcohol.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Alexander Khinshtein, who was elected to Parliament from the Samara region, said that according to him, the main motive, which was studied by the investigators, was the revenge associated with the work of Gosta. Only it was not on his last position at the headquarters of the regional police Department and on the job as chief of police of the town of Syzran. He added that, according to colleagues of Hosta, in the last three weeks the Colonel something oppressed, “he obviously had some inner experiences,” but he did not answer what it is. As the Deputy suggested, in this period there were some negotiations.

The version of the robbery was not considered a priority, explained the source familiar with the investigation, but now it has become the primary. The first of the “selfish goals” of the murder of April 26, said the Deputy head of the Samara Department of internal Affairs Andrey Konovalov, however, he did not answer the question of missing anything from the house of the dead.

Now the corollary is confident that we are talking about the robbery, said Markin. This was confirmed by the defendants in the case who said that “looking for money”. “They came to Rob, and it was that killed people. Thought that two people really was more. And out of fear had to be killed. All”, — explained Roman Fataliyev.

He did not specify why the criminals decided to Rob the house where he lived the former head of the police of Syzran, which is, according to the locals, which communicated , was known to all in Ivalice. Fataliyev also did not specify why, when he saw in the house sleeping people, criminals do not left the building, and decided to mass murder.

Why nothing was stolen in the robbery?

“In the house there was no sign of search of values, of money. The criminals did not take neither the chain nor the earrings of the wife of Gosta, no TV” criticized the version of the robbery, the Deputy Hinstein.

The amount stolen was not high. Fataliyev said on the “Vesti” that the house in the village Ivashevo the criminals took the bag of Hosta, which were documents of the police, driver’s license and his business card. Fataliyev said that the robbers were looking for money but found nothing. According to “Vesti”, the attackers took 906 RUB Himself Fataliyev immediately thought of the money, it took a specifying question of the correspondent of “Vesti” to the accused and confirmed the theft.

The work of forensic scientists at the scene of the murder of a policeman and his family in the village Ivashevo, 24 APR 2016. Photo: Artem Filatov/TASS

In the story “News” also said that the robbers took away mobile phones and a Bank card and tried to withdraw money from the account of the murdered police Colonel. Information about credit card Solodovnikov confirmed. According to him, the alleged perpetrators showed investigators where he had hidden the bag, but there were no RUB 906, which the correspondent of “Vesti” was discussed Fatalieva and 5 thousand. Also in the bag was a tablet computer.

“My personal opinion — such the purpose of the crime of plunder, did not justify the means,” — said in a conversation with the lawyer Alexei Mikhalchik. “They’re not freaks — enter the house and kill the entire family for a thousand rubles,” says the lawyer. — Even murderers — sane people, who still are planning how to commit a crime”. According to Michalczyk, the chosen way of killing is more like revenge or a signal to someone. “It’s hard to believe that they killed the child out of fear that they then recognize,” says michalczyk.

How to prove the accusation?

The interior Ministry of Russia insists that three defendants confessed, said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk. She noted that the investigators found “objects and documents having importance for the criminal case”.

According to Solodovnikov, on the trail of the assassins managed to get out after they tried to cash money from a credit card of Hosta, which came police salary. The alleged perpetrators also pointed out where they hid the batons with which they beat to death six people, and personal belongings of the police.

According to Solodovnikov, in the forest, investigators found and the system unit that stores the records from surveillance cameras installed on the house of Hosta. According to police, the recordings can be captured, as the accused were in the house.

As follows from the case materials, which was able to see , the attackers smashed the surveillance cameras immediately after the crime. It is unknown why they chose to hide the system unit in the forest, not destroyed it.

Why the court was closed?

Three defendants in the case were arrested on may 2 by the decision of Syzransky district court. The meeting at the request of the investigation took place in a closed regime: the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies has informed that the press will not be allowed in the building. Why are journalists not allowed in hall, the court explained.

According to the criminal procedure code, the court has several grounds to close the process from the audience: if the presence of outsiders may lead to disclosure of state secrets; if the case is about a crime committed by a person under the age of 16 years; if the case is heard on crimes against sexual integrity; if required by the interests of ensuring the security of trial participants and their relatives.

The defendants in the case about the murder of a family of Hosta over 18 years. In the charges there are no articles relating to state secrets or crimes against sexual integrity. As the presence of the press could affect the safety of those arrested are currently being held in jail, is unknown.

One journalist managed to see the alleged perpetrators and even talk to them: a story was aired on “News”.

In Syzran, the court did not respond to calls . Request sent on the morning of may 5 in the registry of the court and in the press-service of the Samara management of the Judicial Department, remained unanswered.

Lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov believes that the only reason for holding the court session behind closed doors could be the desire of the employees of the RCDS did not disclose the progress of the investigation. “Such a crime could be committed only by the fire, and now investigators do not want to disclose the name of the gunner,” said the lawyer in conversation with .

appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request to comment on all the issues in this case. At the time of publication of the text in the TFR did not respond to a request delivered on the morning of 5 may.