Gunmen attacked a Chevron oil platform in Nigeria

Militants blew up the platform of the American oil company Chevron in Nigeria in the oil-rich Niger Delta, writes Reuters with reference to the Nigerian Navy. The representative of the Navy stated that he did not know who was responsible for the attack.

According to Reuters, the responsibility for the attack has taken the group “Avengers of the Niger Delta, which issued a statement. It said that the platform was blown up. The Agency emphasizes that currently there is no reliable information about the damage.

About the attack on the platform also informs local edition of His source in the Department of state services of Nigeria said that the platform is completely destroyed by means of explosives. The newspaper also reports on the statement “the Avengers of the Niger Delta”.

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The militants demanded that international oil companies to force the Nigerian government to meet their demands. Otherwise, they threatened to cause trouble, stressing that the Nigerian military is not able to protect the oil installations of the companies.

Previously, the group threatened to “paralyze” the economy of Nigeria, if the President of the country Mohammad Bukhari does not agree with the requirement of fighters to hold a “national conference” on the question of the division of the state (over 30 States and a large number of peoples), writes the Nigerian edition.

Chevron has not responded to the Agency’s request for comment.